The Training of Trainers on Technology Usage in Education

The Training of Trainers on Technology Usage in Education was an unforgettable event! We had the pleasure of traveling to Trikala, Greece with our partners from Turkey, Portugal, and North Macedonia for the Tech to Teach project. We were all united by a common passion for integrating technology in education to empower our students to learn and grow.

However, it was far from all work and no play - we also had a lot of fun and created many cherished memories. We spent our time in Trikala exploring the winding streets, charming shops, and scenic vistas of this beautiful city. We also had the opportunity to indulge in some mouthwatering Greek cuisine.

More importantly, we forged lasting friendships and discovered shared values between our partner countries. Despite our diverse backgrounds, languages, and cultures, we all held a deep commitment to education and supporting our students' success. We learned so much from one another and enjoyed many laughs along the way.

The training itself was an incredibly informative and engaging experience. We delved into the history of technology in education and explored a variety of integration models, from multidisciplinary to transdisciplinary. We also discussed the importance of active learning and 21st-century skills, and how technology can be used to enhance these skills.
We put our newfound knowledge into practice by practicing TBAL education models, which taught us how to facilitate independent, critical, and creative thinking, as well as effective collaboration and peer instruction exercises. We even had the opportunity to design our own TBAL unit and lesson plans, which was a great way to apply what we had learned.

Overall, the event was truly unforgettable and will remain a treasured memory for all of us. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this project, to have learned from our fellow trainers, and to have built meaningful relationships and connections across borders.